佐藤 丈公|Tomohiro Sato|Catalyst, Field artist, Photographer






Born in Saitama in 1984. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Economics. Certified Public Accountant.

Passed the CPA exam while conducting research at university on the circular economy of goods and money, with a focus on waste disposal. After working for a Big 4, I experienced the circulation of money through finance and M&A work.

In 2016, I became independent and provide consulting services for organizational transformation, business succession, and learning in organizations in various regions of Japan. Involved in regional finance and economics, I voluntarily do fieldwork in various regions and literature research, and write and take photographs.

In addition, from the perspective of communication in business organizations, I work on training instructors, workshops, and vision-making, using photography and visuals to “see (not see)” and “communicate (not communicate)”. In addition, I am involved in portrait photography, photographing artists’ works and exhibition scenes, and directing the planning, editing, and binding of zines.

From 2022, I begin full-fledged activities as an artist, and is currently working on a production related to “Rivers”, “Remains”, and “Memories”.

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